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Aquarium Maintenance Career Training

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Career Information for Aquarium Maintenance Professionals

What is an Aquarium Maintenance Professional?

Low introductory prices on our new Aquarium Maintenance Program

Aquarium maintenance professionals need to be familiar with all facets of aquatic husbandry and aquarium setup. Having a wide knowledge of the aquarium hobby can help you turn your passion into a profitable career. Aquarium maintenance services are needed for many private households and businesses that own fish tanks or fish ponds. Professionals can also pursue aquarium jobs in zoos, aquariums and amusement parks.

You do not have to be an expert to get started in Animal Behavior College’s Aquarium Maintenance Program. Our program will teach you the basics of fish tank setup, aquarium maintenance, fish husbandry and how to build an aquarium maintenance business. If you have experience keeping your own aquariums, all the better, but not necessary.

Where Can Aquarium Maintenance Professionals Work?


Work in an aquarium with ABC’s Aquarium Maintenance Program


Aquarium maintenance professionals and professional aquarists can work in aquarium jobs, fish stores, other pet retail stores or even start their own tank setup and maintenance companies.
Opportunities for graduates of the Aquarium Maintenance Program include:
  • Pet retail stores
  • Independent fish stores
  • National aquariums or local aquariums
  • Zoos
  • Theme parks
  • Fish hatcheries and distributors
  • Aquarium cleaning services
  • Aquarium and pond maintenance services
  • Your own business
Please note that no school can offer any type of guarantee as to whether a graduate will find employment. Animal Behavior College makes no promises or guarantees about employment.

Start Your Own Aquarium Maintenance Service

If you have an interest in the fishkeeping hobby, you may be able to turn your passion into a career and launch an aquarium cleaning service, aquarium  maintenance service and/or aquarium installation service. Many private homes and businesses that have aquariums hire aquarium maintenance professionals to keep their tanks healthy and beautiful.
Many aquarium maintenance professionals charge clients a fixed rate per fish tank gallon. Your clients might own tanks ranging from small (10 – 30 gallon aquariums) to the common 75 gallon aquarium. Some will even have 120 gallon aquariums or larger. Depending on what your clients keep in their tanks, they might require aquarium maintenance services on a monthly, bi-monthly or even weekly basis. This means your clients will continuously need your assistance with their fish tanks.
Your clients may turn to you for advice on the types of fish to keep, diseases affecting their fish, pond maintenance and more. This means there is potential to grow your business to include keeping and selling fish, aquatic plants and other aquarium supplies.

Develop a Foundation in Aquatic Sciences

Students of ABC’s Aquarium Maintenance Program will develop a foundation in fish husbandry and aquatic science. This knowledge can help those wishing to pursue further education in aquatic life and marine sciences. Starting off with the Aquarium Maintenance Program at Animal Behavior College provides you an introduction into the field and helps you decide if you are indeed interested in a marine biology degree or education as a professional aquarist.

Add Aquarium Maintenance Services to Your Current Business

Are you currently in the animal or pet industry and want to expand your business? Adding aquarium cleaning services and aquarium maintenance services may be a great addition to your established business.

Call our Admissions Department to discuss your new Aquarium Maintenance career training 800-795-3294.
Jump on this exciting career today by becoming an ABC Certified Aquarium Maintenance Professional (ABCAMP). Call 800-795-3294 to get started.